As one of the pioneer enterprises in the field of labor export in Vietnam, Thuan An Investment Joint Stock Company (DMC) is committed to providing stable employment opportunities, contributing to higher incomes and improving quality. life for workers.

We are honored to be the strategic partner of many enterprises, unions from Japan, Taiwan .... With the desire to supply human resources to countries that need, solve jobs, eliminate hunger reduce poverty, increase income for workers, and reduce unemployment.

Leader in Labor Export

With the high investment and self-improvement process, Thuan An is constantly being crowded with laborers and foreign unions as a labor export company with top prestige and quality. in Viet Nam.

Professional Consultant Team

To ensure that employees choose the most suitable occupations, the company is the best advice of the consultants.

Thuan An DMC always want

To supply human resources to countries in need, contributing to job creation, poverty reduction and income generation for laborers. Promote economic and cultural cooperation

Our commitment

Always work as hard as possible. Constantly improving to develop, learning new things, constantly innovating to succeed in order to bring the best value to the employees.


Thuan An DMC has been asserting its position in the field of labor export activities. We will always do our best with the highest possible responsibility in order to bring absolute confidence and peace of mind to our employees.



In the coming time, to promote and improve the quality of vocational training and labor export, the company will improve the professional skills of its employees, build a sense of responsibility and behavior. Professional, creative, expanding cooperation with domestic and foreign partners with the source of export labor with prestige and quality.

In addition, to provide the most accurate information to employees, TTC Vietnam will receive labor records, counseling and recruitment at communes and wards. In addition, the company will pay special attention to labor training before the exit to improve the quality of labor, meet the market demand and enhance the company's reputation./.